Dance Photographers

One if my favorite subjects to photograph is dancers. During my academic career, I spent an entire year photographing the Grand Rapids Ballet Company. I attended all kinds of company events- from rehearsal and performances, to after glows and sponsor parties. While photographing, I was given a closer look into the world of professional dance. There are two photographers that inspire my dance photography, Jordan Matter and Lois Greenfield. Each has a very different style, yet both show the beauty of human form through freezing the motion of dance. Jordan Matter is known for taking dancers into various situations and insert dance into them. For example, one of my favorite photographs, entitled “Work Boots”, is a dancer standing en pointe amongst the dirt of a construction site. Contrasting the beauty of dance, with the grit of construction creates a dichotomy of delicacy and grime. On the other hand, the work of Lois Greenfield is created in studio with complete lighting control. Much of her work also includes the dancers with props-such as flowing material, white powder, or geometric shapes. These props help exaggerate and emphasize the dancers movements, creating captivating and explosive imagery. As I continue to grow as a […]

Preserving Family Memories

Hello! I have been away for a while due to starting a new position as a studio assistant for Zerilli Studios in Royal Oak, MI. I appreciate your patience as I made the transition and I am back to my blog!   In this post I am going to discuss the importance of preserving old family photos and documents. For example, many old photos are yellowing and will continue to yellow as years pass. To prevent from losing these memories, it is advantageous to store them properly, as well as digitally scan these photos. The best way to slow damage is to store them in a dark, dry, temperature-controlled area. Many people store photos and albums in a garage or basement, but the fluctuating temperatures and moisture levels can cause wrinkles and damage. Additionally, anywhere that has a lot of sun access can cause fading and bleaching from UV rays. Above is a picture from my great-grandmothers wedding that was stored in a box on a bedroom closet shelf. This location protected it from the sun, was temperature controlled, and was not wet in any way. Because it was stored properly, it has minimal damage taking into consideration it was […]

Instagram for Business

Instagram can be a useful tool to help business connect with their audience. It can be a great way to showcase products, share the “behind the scenes” of the business, and introduce customers to employees. Showcasing products is one of the main ways that businesses can use Instagram. The Instagram platform is ideal for posting a picture of a featured product, and describing it in the writing portion of the post. It is a good method for promoting the launch of new products, or for sharing special sales. Utilizing Instagram in this way puts your product in front of customers as they scroll through their feed. If products are made at your place of business (restaurant, coffee shop, craftsmen, etc.) Instagram can be used to give customers a “behind the scenes” look into the creation process. For example, if a company uses natural substances to dye clothing, a short video of the simmering plants in preparing the dye would be a great way to get viewers involved with the product. Another way to make your customers feel connected to your business is to use Instagram to introduce them to employees. Posting a photo of each employee with a small bio […]

Photos for Your Brand

Images used on a companies websites, social media, and print publications need to match the overall branding of the company. Above on the left you can see an image that would be very appropriate for any publication produced by a Mexican restaurant. The food is the central focus, but the photo itself is stylized to match the theme and brand of the restaurant. The choice of a red margarita, red placemat, and red cloth tie in with the red salsa. Additionally, red connects with the green cilantro, limes, and white tablecloth to create the colors of the Mexican flag. In the photo on the right, I changed the color of the placemat to blue. The color of a placemat may seem like a small detail, but changing the color of one item weakens the image and its value to the branding of the restaurant. Imagine you follow a restaurant on Facebook and their logo is red, white, and green. If every photo they post includes blues, yellows, and shades of orange, the overall message reaching you (the consumer) doesn’t seem as unified, weakening the restaurants message. To ensure a consistent message is sent to consumers, many companies have branding guides […]

Photos for Blogs

  As a business owner, blogging can be an essential part of your online presence. Blogs that only contain words are great, but adding an image to accompany the text can really make a post pop. As much as I would love business owners to pay for professional photography to accompany every post, I understand that is not feasible in the sense of time or finances. One option is to scour stock photography websites, knowing you may not find exactly what you’re looking for. A better option, especially if it would be advantageous to have a photo of your unique product, is to take the photo yourself. The rest of this post will show you how to produce pictures of quality using items you probably already have around your house.   You Will Need   Camera Phone (I have an Iphone 7) Large Flat Surface (A kitchen table will do) Large Window Bedsheet     The best place to set up is in front of a large door wall that has lots of natural, even light coming in. As a backdrop you can use a large sheet, any color works as long as it doesn’t clash with the color of […]

Detroit Living

  For most of my life I have lived in the area surrounding Detroit, MI. While the generation before me left the city to live in the suburbs, many of my peers are moving back into the heart of the city. As young adults move into what some would consider a dangerous place, I wanted to talk to a friend of mine who is living in the city and witnessing its comeback.   Kevin is studying Economics and Public Administration at Wayne State University and lives in Detroit year-round. Like myself, he lived in the suburbs of Detroit throughout his childhood. He originally moved to the city for school and plans to stay after graduation. The following is an excerpt of my interview with him and the photos above are Kevin pictured outside his downtown residence.   Lauren: What is your favorite part about living in downtown Detroit?   Kevin: “I like having so many things close to me. Not just entertainment though…restaurants or friends…at least compared to where I grew up there is a lot more within walking distance.”   Lauren: Are their grocery stores near your residence?   Kevin: “ Ah, that is a major problem. It is […]

Businesswomen Collaborate

I love collaborating with other women business owners, especially those who are close friends. I met Sara through her husband who was a fellow instructor at my local ski hill. After their adorable son was born, she decided to leave her corporate marketing job to branch off on her own. Not only does this allow her to be her own boss, it also lets her spend more time with her family. Her current services include messaging strategy & content development, media direction, copywriting, and full-service marketing in collaboration with Kruse Design LLC. Speaking about her work Sara says, “I like to connect things. I connect brands to the right customers, the right message to meaningful content, and your unique value to the world…or at least the part of the world that matters to you.” Sara contacted me to help build and enhance her personal brand through visual imagery. Together we discussed what type of photographs she was looking for and we had a great day shooting in Rockford, MI. If you want to learn more about Sara you can check out her website at   – Lauren