Everyone Can Dry Tool

The Great Lakes Mixed Competition #4 By Lauren Loria The Great Lakes Mixed Competition #4, sponsored by Team Canada, took place at Peabody Ice Climbing in Fenton, MI on November 2​ , 2019. Spearheaded by Team Canada members Rebecca Lewis and Nathan Kutcher, this competition was created to give climbers of all ability levels an opportunity to compete. The hope is that this event will open dry tooling to a greater population and grow the sport’s community in North America. The competition saw many participants, including Ice Climbing World Cup athletes from the USA and Canada. These athletes came to prepare for the upcoming season and sharpen their skills with World Cup style climbing. Nathan Kutcher, route setter for the competition, previously traveled to Russia to work with the UIAA (International Climbing & Mountaineering Federation) head setter. He brought this setting style to the Great Lakes Mixed Competition, helping the North American athletes practice skills needed for the World Cup tour. “You can kick in, just like World Cup climbing,” said Kevin Lindlau, USA Ice Climbing Team Member. In other events, rock shoes are used in lieu of crampons. In this competition, and on the World Cup circuit, athletes use mountaineering boots […]