Detroit Living

  For most of my life I have lived in the area surrounding Detroit, MI. While the generation before me left the city to live in the suburbs, many of my peers are moving back into the heart of the city. As young adults move into what some would consider a dangerous place, I wanted to talk to a friend of mine who is living in the city and witnessing its comeback.   Kevin is studying Economics and Public Administration at Wayne State University and lives in Detroit year-round. Like myself, he lived in the suburbs of Detroit throughout his childhood. He originally moved to the city for school and plans to stay after graduation. The following is an excerpt of my interview with him and the photos above are Kevin pictured outside his downtown residence.   Lauren: What is your favorite part about living in downtown Detroit?   Kevin: “I like having so many things close to me. Not just entertainment though…restaurants or friends…at least compared to where I grew up there is a lot more within walking distance.”   Lauren: Are their grocery stores near your residence?   Kevin: “ Ah, that is a major problem. It is […]

Businesswomen Collaborate

I love collaborating with other women business owners, especially those who are close friends. I met Sara through her husband who was a fellow instructor at my local ski hill. After their adorable son was born, she decided to leave her corporate marketing job to branch off on her own. Not only does this allow her to be her own boss, it also lets her spend more time with her family. Her current services include messaging strategy & content development, media direction, copywriting, and full-service marketing in collaboration with Kruse Design LLC. Speaking about her work Sara says, “I like to connect things. I connect brands to the right customers, the right message to meaningful content, and your unique value to the world…or at least the part of the world that matters to you.” Sara contacted me to help build and enhance her personal brand through visual imagery. Together we discussed what type of photographs she was looking for and we had a great day shooting in Rockford, MI. If you want to learn more about Sara you can check out her website at   – Lauren