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One if my favorite subjects to photograph is dancers. During my academic career, I spent an entire year photographing the Grand Rapids Ballet Company. I attended all kinds of company events- from rehearsal and performances, to after glows and sponsor parties. While photographing, I was given a closer look into the world of professional dance.

There are two photographers that inspire my dance photography, Jordan Matter and Lois Greenfield. Each has a very different style, yet both show the beauty of human form through freezing the motion of dance.

Jordan Matter is known for taking dancers into various situations and insert dance into them. For example, one of my favorite photographs, entitled “Work Boots”, is a dancer standing en pointe amongst the dirt of a construction site. Contrasting the beauty of dance, with the grit of construction creates a dichotomy of delicacy and grime.

On the other hand, the work of Lois Greenfield is created in studio with complete lighting control. Much of her work also includes the dancers with props-such as flowing material, white powder, or geometric shapes. These props help exaggerate and emphasize the dancers movements, creating captivating and explosive imagery.

As I continue to grow as a photographic artist, I hope to take inspiration from both of these photographers to create unique work.




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