What are image rights/copyright?

Image rights/copyrights refer to who has ownership of the image. In all of the listed packages, Lauren Loria Photography retains the copyright of the images and can always use them for business promotion, but gives you license to use them. The license included allows for the images to be used worldwide, in any digital format, exclusively for 3 years. The exclusivity clause means 3 years after contract date I can use the images in other ways such as magazine submissions, stock, etc. If you wish to use the images in ways other than listed above (such as in print, on billboards, book covers, etc.) there will be a surcharge above what is on my pricing list. Additionally, there will be a significant price increase if you wish to buy the copyrights for any images. Specific details can be discussed when we write up the contract for your project.

  What are risk fees?

Due to the nature of outdoor photography some activities can be riskier than others. For example, a leisurely hike does not take as much energy, equipment, or technical knowledge as a rock climbing. If I am photographing the latter, it entails significantly more risk to myself and my gear. It also requires more technical knowledge and additional gear such as rope, harness, helmet, and other safety equipment associated with climbing. Activities deemed high risk will be an additional fee above the base packages and price will vary by activity.

How are travel costs calculated?

Any travel costs related to the photoshoot such as plane tickets, hotel stays, meals, rental car, etc. will be added to the cost of the photoshoot. Additionally, the charge for a travel day will be $800 (50% of a full day rate).

What other fees may occur?

There may be miscellaneous fees charged for other costs associated with logistics of the photoshoot. Some examples include-rental fees for additional gear needed to capture the specific look requested, an assistant to help hall gear, a guide for the specific area we are photographing, location permits, etc.