Preserving Family Memories

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In this post I am going to discuss the importance of preserving old family photos and documents. For example, many old photos are yellowing and will continue to yellow as years pass. To prevent from losing these memories, it is advantageous to store them properly, as well as digitally scan these photos.

The best way to slow damage is to store them in a dark, dry, temperature-controlled area. Many people store photos and albums in a garage or basement, but the fluctuating temperatures and moisture levels can cause wrinkles and damage. Additionally, anywhere that has a lot of sun access can cause fading and bleaching from UV rays. Above is a picture from my great-grandmothers wedding that was stored in a box on a bedroom closet shelf. This location protected it from the sun, was temperature controlled, and was not wet in any way. Because it was stored properly, it has minimal damage taking into consideration it was taken in the early 1900’s.

Another step is to have old photos digitized with a high-resolution scanner and save them to a cloud service or storage drive that is placed in a fireproof safe. No matter how safe a storage space is, the photos can burn in seconds if there is a house fire. When asked what they would save in a house fire, most people state that photographs would be at the top of their list. If the photos are on a cloud service or in a safe, this is one priceless set of items that can be salvaged.

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